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Sep 18, 2019

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Apr 25, 2023

Achieve your ideal body – from weight loss and body fat percentage reduction to stubborn localised fat removal, fitness level improvement and injury management – all under one roof at Amaris B. Clinic

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From posting #fitspo pictures on social media to donning the latest athleisure wear and signing up for the newest exercise class, staying in shape and keeping fit are a couple of the biggest lifestyle trends today. And therein lies the problem. Eager to shed those pounds and size down, many people sign up for gym memberships, stick to a tight exercise regime and eat carefully, yet still find the results lacking. In some cases, exercising in poor form even leads to injuries.  

“There is a big difference between general weight loss and targeted fat reduction that many people fail to understand,” says Dr Ivan Puah, the medical director of Amaris B. Clinic and chairman of the Lipo Peer Review Group Singapore.

According to Dr Puah, weight loss treatment and targeted fat loss are vastly different. When you lose weight, you will lose both fat and muscle simultaneously, but you are unable to dictate to your body that it should lose fat from the specific area that you desire. On the other hand, targeted fat reduction may improve one’s body shape, but generally will not have a significant impact on body weight.  

The good news is, it is now possible to achieve your ideal body – from weight loss and  body fat percentage reduction to stubborn localised fat removal, fitness level improvement and injury management (be it occupational or due to overexercising) – all under one roof.

Amaris B. Clinic now offers medical aesthetics, body sculpting and fitness programmes that are designed with the busy modern women and men in mind. The advantage of going to one place is that the same team of professionals will optimise your treatment plans, and monitor your progress and results to ensure that you are on the right track. “In this era where fit is the new skinny, it is time for our team to offer options that are more than just medical aesthetics, such as exercise therapy and myotherapy, to work with our patients towards better health for life,” explains Dr Puah.

Body Sculpting with Exercise Therapy

Amaris B. Clinic’s forte lies in body sculpting. With the meticulous approach taken by Dr Puah, many have seen their body shape improved and contoured. Modern Liposuction with MDC-Sculpt®️ Lipo Technique, the signature treatment of the practice, is great for targeting stubborn fat tissues in areas like the abdomen, waist, thighs and hips. Patented ultrasonic sound waves are utilised to break down and liquefy the fat which is subsequently removed via the incisions made in the treatment area.

Treating Injuries with Myotherapy

Suffering from muscle strain as a result of overexercising? Back pain from prolonged sitting, or neck pain because of poor posture?

Myotherapy is a form of physical therapy that focuses on the treatment, management and relief of musculoskeletal pain that can arise from muscle contracture (myofascial pain that may develop from a muscle injury or strain), the nervous system (neuropathic pain) or joints (articular pain). Examples of such problems are tennis/golfer’s elbow, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and muscle strains and sprains. To relieve the pain, myotherapy incorporates massage, trigger point therapy, stretching and corrective exercises.

Pain management is also key if you suffer from recurring sports injuries. In addition to assessing and treating your situation, the clinic’s certified myotherapist will offer tailored lifestyle solutions – ways to fix poor posture or minimise repetitive movements – to reduce and prevent further aggravation to the injured area.

Rest assured that your skin, face, body and fitness needs are in good hands at Amaris B. Clinic with its medically proven, result-driven approach to the myriad services it offers.

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