When The Bench Press Isn’t Enough

Amaris B.

Archive Date:

Aug 29, 2018

Updated On:

Apr 25, 2023

Working out might not be enough if you’re suffering from gynecomastia, also known as “man boobs.” Or maybe you want to lose that gut fast, but progress is slow?

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You probably love a great set of breasts—as long as you’re not the one sporting them. Turns out, more and more men are lining up to get rid of their man boobs or “moobs.”

If those hours of cardio and bench presses don’t seem to be helping, perhaps you might have a medical issue. Meet gynecomastia, a male breast deformity and the enemy of every guy’s dream chest.

Gynecomastia (also known as man-boobs or enlarged male breasts) are often caused by hormonal imbalance - where there are elevated levels of estrogen and lower levels of testosterone. It comes in different grades, ranging from very mild to significant enlargement that is often accompanied by saggy skin. Gynecomastia should be addressed as it can cause pain, discomfort, soreness in men. Most importantly, this condition not just affects men physically but also psychologically.

Gynecomastia surgery is a clinically proven treatment to permanently eradicate enlarged glandular and excess breast tissues.

If it’s not your chest that’s bothering you but your weight, the team at Amaris B. Clinic can help too! The trouble with trying to lose weight is the whole process can be pretty stressful when it’s not working out- and stress actually sparks cravings for more carbohydrate-rich snack foods.

That’s where Amaris B. Clinic’s customised weight loss programmes can help. Amaris B. Weight Loss & Management programme incorporates medical interventions such as medications (oral/injections) to suppress the neuroendocrine pathway for a more sustainable weight loss, with personalised diet recommendations and fitness regimens. Patients will be monitored and followed up closely while under this programme.

Despite your best efforts, stubborn fat in troubled zones is more resistant to weight loss and will require spot reduction treatment such as liposuction to remove them. This procedure removes fat efficiently and safely with minimal downtime.

Get professional help, and you’ll be able to see the fruits of your workouts in no time!

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