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Apr 16, 2023

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Sep 18, 2019

Speaking to Daily Vanity about targeted lipo remodelling that they have launched that marries surgical treatments with patented exercise therapy, Dr. Ivan Puah who helms Amaris B Clinic, said that spot reduction is hard to achieve without medical intervention.

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Having a better proportioned body shape can certainly give you that confidence boost, but for many people, getting into shape also has everything to do with improving their health.

Amaris B Clinic, one of the aesthetic clinics in Singapore that focuses in body contouring and sculpting treatments, knows this very well. Many of their patients don’t just seek out solutions to trim off unwanted fat to look better, but to boost their overall physical health too.

For instance, having less visceral fat (fat stored in the trunk area of the body), can significantly reduce the risk of diabetes. Having less overall body fat can also reduce the chance of having heart issues.

Dr Ivan Puah Amaris B Clinic

Speaking about targeted lipo remodelling that they have launched that marries surgical treatments with patented exercise therapy, Dr. Ivan Puah who helms Amaris B Clinic, said that spot reduction is hard to achieve without medical intervention.

He explained that adopting good dietary habits and exercising could only contribute to overall weight loss and general toning. But you can’t – for instance – get rid of your tummy fat simply by doing more sit-ups. The body simply doesn’t work that way.

Dr. Ivan Puah is one of the few accredited liposuction practitioners in Singapore and has more than 20 years of clinical practice. Many of his patients consult him regarding body sculpting solutions.

From his experience with surgical procedures that can help with spot reduction, such as Vaser Liposuction , Dr. Ivan Puah shared that patients can actually achieve their body goals even faster when it’s paired with exercise therapy.

Amaris B. Clinic Marries Surgical Body Sculpting Treatments With Exercise Therapy: What Is It Like?

This is why Amaris B Clinic decided to launch a programme that marries surgical body sculpting with patented exercise therapy. Offering these two services under one roof, the clinic will be able to offer even more variety of solutions to help patients achieve their objectives.

To understand this better, we made an appointment with Dr. Ivan Puah so he could walk us through the process.

Amaris B Clinic Fitness Services 1

First, Dr. Ivan Puah had a lengthy chat with me about my body and fitness goals, as well as my problem area.

I explained that I am most concerned with my tummy area, which seems to bulge even more obviously since I had given birth a few months ago. I also told him that because of my new role as a mother and a very busy work life, I find it difficult to keep up with my previous fitness routines; I used to be able to go for a jog or swim at least three times a week before I was pregnant (and even in the early stages of my pregnancy) but now I find it hard to even work out once a week.

On top of all these, with a family history of diabetes, I am also hoping to reduce my visceral fat to reduce my risk of the disease.

After understanding my lifestyle and objectives, Dr. Ivan Puah proceeded to do an assessment of my problem areas to check whether I’ll be a suitable candidate for the recommendations that he has in mind.

Amaris B Clinic Fitness Services 2

Dr. Ivan Puah said that having a more obvious belly is a common problem among mothers. The good news for me is that the skin around my belly isn’t very slack and the fat around it isn’t too thick as well. He also said that I would make a good candidate for Vaser Liposuction , and coupled with a series of exercise therapy he will recommend me (available at Amaris B Clinic), I can potentially be looking at a few positive results:

Vaser Liposuction can help me achieve a flat tummy with muscle definition and a more obvious curve at my waist area. Then, the workouts, which can be started as quickly as a week after the procedure, can help to further tone up the body, and to achieve overall weight loss.

(Note: Dr. Ivan Puah explained that VASER Lipo is actually a minimally invasive procedure with a short downtime. Most patients are able to go back to work the next day and can begin light exercises within a week.)

Considering how most aesthetic clinics don’t come with gym facilities, I was shown how working out at Amaris B Clinic looks like.

Amaris B Clinic Exercise Therapy And Surgical Treatments

Currently available only at Amaris B. Clinic, there are several training machines (with patented vacuum and compression technology) to help increase the body’s metabolic rate and accelerate fat burn while the user worked out on it. In other words, you’d be able to get more mileage from each workout you do on the equipment, and be able to burn off more calories with less time and effort.

I stepped onto one of the training machines and gave it a try. The coach hooked me up to a skin temperature monitor and heart rate monitor and advised me on the rates to achieve in order for my workout to be an effective one. I went at it for 30 minutes, all while sipping on water to keep hydrated.

I was surprised that it wasn’t too challenging for me even though I haven’t properly worked out for a while, but I managed to work up a sweat.

Why We Think It’s A Great Idea

Amaris B Clinic Fitness Services 3

Body sculpting has always been a complicated issue that requires more than one form of solution. Considering how time-starved we are, it is almost impossible to go to different specialists, hoping to design a cohesive and holistic programme ourselves that fits into our needs. This is why I like the idea of having everything under one roof – and having the perspective of a medical doctor to help me achieve my body goals.

The programme for each client is also quite customised. Some people may be recommended to only go through a series of exercise therapy without any surgical procedures, if they’re unsuitable for it or if they’re looking at more weight-related goals rather than body-sculpting goals.

On the other hand, you may go through an aesthetic procedure first, which can be enhanced by working out later, like what I have been recommended. There are also other possible recommendations that are dependent on each person’s needs and concerns.

I find this level of customisation hard to find and appreciate that I’ll be able to consult someone throughout the entire body sculpting journey. The approach makes the process more measurable and also less lonely.

Finally, I like the aesthetic medicine element in this process, which gives us a head start in the body sculpting journey. Different people respond to diets and exercises differently, and many may have been frustrated when they don’t respond well to dieting and workouts, especially since they can’t help much with spot reduction. The ability to pair surgical treatments and exercise therapy gives your body sculpting goals a better chance at success, and subsequent efforts to maintain the desirable body shape becomes more possible. I’m very sure this is something that many will appreciate, like I do.

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