Set up by Kruba Anan, Abott of Wat Don Chan, the Wat Don Chan Orphanage, in the northern Thai city of Chiang Mai houses over 800 children. These innocent children are either orphans as a result of their parents deaths, of low income families unable to care for them, or Rohingyan refugees from war-torn Burma. The Abott firmly believes in giving equal access opportunity to education and basic care that every child regardless of upbringing deserves. This is to help them secure a better future in light of what they have gone through prior coming to the Wat Don Chan Orphanage.

The education and housing provided are free with the support from Wat Don Chan Temple, Thai government, people from all walks of life and various foundations. Still, with all the support and funding; the children are still lacking some of the most basic needs of hygiene and a living environment that is clean.  Despite these challenges, the orphanage is home to many bright and motivated students.

As a strong supporter of Wat Don Chan Orphanage, apart from providing financial assistance, Dr. Ivan Puah also takes time out to fly over to Chiang Mai to provide medical care and check-ups  for the children.

"We can't help everyone. But everyone can help someone." ~ Ronald Reagan.
 Located in scorching Chiang Mai, Thailand, we supplied comfortable cotton long sleeve pyjamas to prevent them from mosquito bites and insect stings.
Putting smiles on these children is an experience that is truly gratifying as it is humbling, and it is worth repeating.
Dr Ivan Puah with one of the children at the Orphanage, where he examined their health status.
By providing meal sponsorships and improvements to their living conditions, these children get to experience the basic necessities that every human deserves, often taken for granted by many.
During the medical check-ups, we found dental and skin problems to be the few of the most prevalent issues faced by the children.
Guess what these children are doing? They are using real stones to play the long-forgotten 5-stones unlike most of their contemporaries elsewhere in the world who usually find forms of entertainment in an iPad or smartphone.
We helped to build a sickbay and provided the necessary medical supplies so that they have quick and easy access to medicines and medical supplies when the need arises.

Singapore Children’s Society

Singapore Children's Society protects and nurtures children and youth of all races and religions. In 2020, the Society reached out to 34,654 children, youth and families in need. Established in 1952, its services have evolved to meet the changing needs of children.

Today, Children's Society operates 12 service centres islandwide, offering services in the four categories of: Vulnerable Children and Youth, Children and Youth Services, Family Services, and Research and Advocacy.

Amaris B. Clinic knows the importance of today’s children and the impact they will have on tomorrow’s society. We also believe that every child deserves an equal opportunity to experience the joys of childhood and the many possibilities that life has to offer.

With these beliefs, the Singapore Children’s Society has been our adopted charity since 2002. We are passionate about this foundation because it brings a smile to our hearts when we put a smile on a child’s face.

Visit www.childrensociety.org.sg to find out more.


Helping Joy supports the vulnerable in our society, such as physically and mentally challenged individuals, elderly persons and low-income families, regardless of race, religion or language. This is achieved with the benevolent assistance from their kind-hearted, fun-loving volunteers.

Helping Joy began in 17th January 2012 when the founder, Steven Goh, thought about what he would do as a young, able-bodied man to make a difference. Together with a few friends and volunteers, he identified an unfulfilled need in the community -- there were many individuals who, whether because of physical or mental disability, were living in cluttered, unhealthy conditions, and needed help to restore their homes to a healthy state.

And so the work began, one home at a time. Each home was cleared and cleaned and, if needed, maintained on a monthly basis. Steven’s unique blend of energy and appreciation for support led to a dynamic growth, both of community commitment to the cause and growing requests from the needy.

Today, this philanthropic effort and initiative is ongoing and continues to serve this section of our community, brightening up their homes and lives.

Visit Helping Joy to find out more.

Riding for the Disabled Association Singapore (RDA Singapore)

Amaris B. Clinic believes that a community and sustainable ecosystem do not only comprise human beings but other living things that live amongst us. It is often understated how animals have improved a human's life in so many valuable ways that go beyond quantifiable measures such as guide dogs, companionship and therapy animals.

In light of this, we are sponsoring two horses named Jimmy and Jota at RDA Singapore, a British Horse Society Approved Riding Centre, that provides equine-assisted therapy (also known as hippotherapy) to children and adults with physical and mental disabilities at no charge.

Horses provide a tool for physical therapy and cognitive improvement in a unique format that is fun and exhilarating. Mankind has also believed for centuries that horses might even have the power to change a person’s perspective on life. Besides the physical benefits derived from hippotherapy, the contact with the animal is a powerful experience, and the strong bond that can be formed often has a profound and uplifting effect on people who are troubled or suffering.

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