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Breast Enhancement with ADR-C In Singapore | Amaris B. Clinic


Amaris B. Clinic has been helping many fulfill their Body Sculpting and Contouring needs since 2005 and the ADR-C Breast Enhancement is one of our signature treatments. On average, one breast is usually about a fifth of a cup size larger than the other. Just to keep abreast of the subject, it’s also reported that almost 70% of women are not happy with their breasts may it be the size or breast asymmetry.

Push-up bras are perhaps an example why fuller bosoms are important for a woman. They not only lift the breasts but also, and arguably more importantly, her confidence as well. But not many are willing to go the silicone route and if you’re one of them; it’s not the end of the road.


A fat grafting procedure, this treatment transfers fat tissue from a part of your body that is unwanted such as your abdomen, tummy, thighs or any other areas to your breasts. The procedure involves 2 steps – harvesting and injection.

Excess fat from other parts of the body is acquired via liposuction. The fat tissue will be carefully purified and harvested to maintain the integrity of the fat cells. It will then be gently processed into liquid form and injected into the breast area. No risks of ruptures, leaks or shifts usually associated implants. Recovery time is also much quicker than the standard breast implant surgery.


Amaris B. Clinic has been helping many fulfill their Body Sculpting and Contouring needs. Led by Dr. Ivan Puah, a reputable physician in the field of body sculpting and aesthetic medicine, we look forward to helping you realise your beautiful body dreams.

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