Sebaceous cysts removal

If you notice an innocent-looking pimple is growing and feels soft or tender to the touch, you may be experiencing a sebaceous cyst. Leaving it alone may not be a good idea, as an untreated infected sebaceous cyst can lead to complications like an abscess. And if an abscess ruptures in a body, it can lead to septicaemia or blood poisoning.

You must not attempt to pop/cut/squeeze the sebaceous cyst yourself. Please seek professional help to get it thoroughly removed. Sometimes, the cyst may require a more thorough examination.

Disclaimer: Images above are for illustrative purposes only. Due to strict regulations from the Ministry of Health, licensed healthcare practices in Singapore are not allowed to show and share before-and-after photos or videos in the public domain (websites, social media, magazines) or through any form of push technology such as Whatsapp, SMS, MMs, Facebook messenger, and other messaging platforms. “Before-and-after” or only “after” treatment photographs, pictures, videos, and films relating to a treatment may be shown to patients privately during in-clinic consultation with Dr Ivan Puah.

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