[Press Release] Dr Ivan Puah, Medical Director Of Amaris B. Clinic, Observes Positive Correlation Between Stress, Weight Gain And Physical Body Pain

In today's unpredictable world where Covid-19 is putting our lives on hold, the intense stress has caused a spike in weight gain and manifested our anxiety into physical pain.

From Hectic To Unhealthy – Here’s Why You Need To Stop Working So Much

Singaporeans aren’t just working in the workplace, they are also working on their off days, while on holiday and even while they’re supposed to be resting on their sick leave. And the simple reason for this is that we’re simply unable to ‘tune out’ from work.

COVID-19 Affects More Than Our Health

It's coming close to a year since the first coronavirus outbreak was identified.Since then, life as we know it has changed - for everyone. Countries went into lockdown, economies took severe beatings and livelihoods were rattled.