Slim Down And Boost Your Breast Size - In Just One Treatment

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Have you ever said, “I have all the right curves… they’re just in all the wrong places.” 

ADR-C Breast Enhancement transfers unwanted fat from your body to your breasts. Slim down your belly and boost your boobs in just one treatment? Yes!

How does ADR-C Breast Enhancement work?

ADR-C Breast Enhancement is a 2-in-1 body sculpting & enhancement treatment, in which excess fat tissues are removed from selected part of the body, harvested and re-introduced back into the breasts.

ADR-C vs Silicone Implants

Before, the only way to improve one’s breast size and shape was to have a silicone breast implant. However, there were cases of people rejecting or reacting to the silicone

ADR-C Breast Enhancement is another minimally surgical alternative. It uses your own fat cells, so there’s no risk of silicon ruptures and leaks.

What can ADR-C Breast Enhancement correct?

This breast enhancement treatment can help correct asymmetrical breasts (if one is larger than the other), or enhance the shape to look fuller and subtly lift saggy breasts due to breast feeding and effects of ageing.

ADR-C Breast Enhancement is a great alternative to increase the size of your breasts, but it’s not possible to go from a Cup A to a Cup C in one session. Depending on your clinical condition and expectations, you may need additional sessions , keeping in mind that there are limitations to how much fat can be grafted. Your aesthetics doctor will always put your safety and health first and will recommend the number of sessions you may need to achieve the results you want.

The benefits of ADR-C Breast Enhancement

As Dr. Ivan Puah, founder of Amaris B. Clinic has said: “There is no shame in doing something for yourself. Even a small change can make a big difference in your confidence.”

Surveys show that 70% of women are unhappy with their breasts. They may not want very large breasts, but they hope to enhance the shape so they look natural but firmer or more symmetrical. Some of them simply want the effect that comes from wearing a good push-up bra. ADR-C can help subtly enhance breast shape and size while slimming other parts of the body.