[Patient Story] Mummy In Mid 30s Bothered With Accessory Breast & Armpit Fat After Pregnancy

Amaris B.

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Sep 19, 2023

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Sep 19, 2023

Driven by her desire for improved self-confidence and relief from discomfort, Ms AL consulted with Dr Puah to explore a permanent solution. 

Table of contents

Patient's Profile

This patient case study provides insights into Ms AL's medical journey; she is in her mid-30s and sought medical intervention for a long-standing concern – axillary lump and armpit fat. Driven by her desire for improved self-confidence and relief from discomfort, she consulted with Dr Puah to explore a permanent solution. 


Ms AL noticed a lump developing under her axillae while pregnant several years ago. At the same time, she noticed fat bulges on the armpit, which bothered her and affected her choice of clothing. 

Consultation & Assessment

Upon clinical examination, Dr Puah noted the presence of accessory breast tissue in both the axillae, accompanied by loose skin. Additionally, there was an excess of fat tissues in both pectoral areas. These findings correlated with Ms AL's desire to address the axillary lumps and discomfort and improve her self-confidence.  

Treatment Plan

Axillary Accessory breast glands can be removed successfully with axillary glands excision, as this area does not respond to liposuction or any non-surgical treatment.

Ms AL will require accessory breast removal surgery. His proposed surgical approach encompassed fat removal from both armpits and accessory gland removal. Complications, side effects, pros and cons of the surgery were clearly explained to the patient. Ms AL decided to proceed with the surgery. 

The surgery was scheduled in 2021, and during the procedure, Dr Puah executed the following:

The surgery proceeded smoothly without any complications. 

Post-Op Recovery & Results 

Post-operative assessment and stitch removal one week post-op revealed clean surgical wounds without hematoma and seroma. Post-surgery, Ms AL expressed satisfaction with the results. Nevertheless, she voiced concerns about the scar appearance, which is common following surgical procedures.  

Dr Puah provided reassurance and advised her to continue using scar gel for scar management. The patient was informed that the scar discolouration would gradually improve and lighten over several months.

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