How to get Smooth Skin from Top to Toe

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If one of your resolutions for 2019 is to take better care of yourself, we’ve got a few tips and tricks that can help with the aesthetic side of things – particularly on how to get smooth skin. With this roundup of medical-grade treatments, you can clear spots and pigmentation on your face, remove pesky facial hair and smooth out stretch marks on the problem areas of your body.

Problem 1: Pigmentation, acne scars, sun spots

Acne isn’t just a problem for teens; it can plague adults too – and it can be especially bad in a climate as humid as Singapore’s. Even when the inflammation clears up, you can be left with ugly scars and spots that take months to fade. Happily, you can speed up the recovery process with PICO Clear Skin laser, an FDA-approved picosecond laser treatment, which can be carried out only by qualified and certified doctors. Dr Ivan Puah at Amaris B Clinic is the sole official appointed trainer for this laser treatment on the island, so you’re in good hands!

PICO Clear Skin laser also helps to treat uneven skin tone, a common concern known as hyperpigmentation. With its multiple treatment wavelength capabilities, it can effectively address dermal and epidermal pigmentation issues in a shorter period of time, as opposed to older versions of laser treatment. Apart from sorting those post-acne scars, it helps to even out overall skin tone for a clearer complexion.

Problem 2: Fuzzy chin and upper lip

Get smooth skin from top to toe 3

Just imagine: you’re having a conversation with someone, but their eyes are fixed on that unsightly hair on your face. Sounds like a familiar situation? Thankfully, there are multiple options to help remove unwanted facial hair safely and effectively, and Amaris B Clinic’s medical-grade laser hair removal treatment is one such option.

Suitable for most areas on the face and body – including the back, underarms, upper lip, chin and neck – this lunchtime procedure is largely painless thanks to the application of numbing cream 30 minutes prior to the treatment.

Problem 3: Stretchmarks

Also known as striae, stretchmarks are a form of scarring caused when elastin and collagen around the area are destroyed. They occur when skin cannot bounce back after a period of intense growth caused by pregnancy, weight gain, extreme weight loss, adolescent growth spurts and even body building. They’re usually reddish or purplish at the beginning, fading to white lines over time.

Get smooth skin from top to toe 2

At Amaris B Clinic, the treatment is customised to fit the individual. The clinic uses a combination of skin dermabrasion, peeling, tightening and collagen stimulation (using laser) to improve the skin’s appearance and reduce discolouration. A minimum of five sessions done every three to six weeks is recommended. Depending on your condition, the stretchmarks should gradually fade away within six to 12 months.