No Longer Taboo: Injectable Neurotoxins, Dermal Fillers, And The Singaporean Millennial

Amaris B.

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Apr 21, 2023

Archive Date:

Oct 8, 2021

We got in touch with Miranda (not her real name), a Singaporean in her early 30s, who boldly decided to take a step in improving her looks and self-confidence by engaging in them for their dermal fillers treatment.

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Do a quick search with the terms “fillers singapore”, and more often than not, blog entries depicting personal experiences pop up. Click on the links, and you’ll see detailed before and after shots, and write-ups on the entire process.

While posts on movies, restaurants and service providers are generally the first that come to mind when we think of reviews, those of aesthetic procedures are also slowly, but steadily increasing in quantity.

In fact, the taboo that used to surround them is fading with each review, and they have become so normalised that they’re almost akin to getting lasik surgery, or even braces!

However, we were curious about the motivations and experience of a regular Singaporean.

Amaris B. Clinic was kind enough to help us get in touch with Miranda (not her real name), a Singaporean in her early 30s, who boldly decided to take a step in improving her looks and self-confidence by engaging in them for their dermal fillers treatment.

Stumbling Across Amaris B. Clinic

Even though we mentioned the rise of medical aesthetics service reviews online, Miranda actually stumbled across Amaris B. Clinic offline, and by accident.

“I was at Village Hotel at Arab Street one day and saw a woman walking out with a facial compression garment. I never knew this side of town has an aesthetics clinic, [so] I walked in as was curious.”

Entering the clinic’s premises, she soon realised that it provided body contouring and sculpting services, which she wasn’t exactly interested in, given that she is “pretty satisfied” with her body shape.

However, she noticed that they also provide non and minimally invasive treatments for face – something which she was drawn to immediately.

Admitting that her “make-up techniques are limited”, and that she could “never master the skills of contouring for a more defined face shape or nose bridge”, Amaris B. Clinic provided an opportunity for her to solve an issue which had been bugging her for many years.

“I have always noticed that my facial features are not defined, but it only took me these recent years to step up and do something for myself.”

Due to many bad service experiences we’ve read and heard about, one may be hesitant to book an appointment for consultation especially due to service staff notorious for hard-selling expensive packages to gullible customers.

This, however, wasn’t much of a problem to Miranda in her experience.

“It was a pretty easy decision because if I decided not to do it after my consultation, I can just walk away. Besides the staff at the clinic wasn’t hard selling. I didn’t feel obligated or entrapped.”

She booked a consultation slot almost immediately, as she sought to find out what could be done, and more importantly – how much it would cost.

“I Was Feeling More Excited Than Nervous”

Even with her easy-breezy attitude to making a rather big change to herself, she, like many of us, also had misconceptions about dermal fillers and aesthetic procedures.

“I have always thought aesthetic procedures involves knives, incisions, and are very bloody. I was so ignorant and naïve back then!”

It’s no surprise she feels that way, as we’re constantly presented with videos and photos of the painful (and usually bloody) price to pay for invasive surgeries like rhinoplasty (to reshape the nose) and eyelid stitching/cutting surgeries.

However, her meeting with Dr. Ivan Puah from Amaris B. Clinic assured her that not only was the surgery going to be minimally invasive and un-intimidating, she was also in very good hands.

“Dr. Ivan Puah was very patient, attentive and caring – it was a very pleasant experience. He was always reassuring me at every step of the way.”

Recommending her to get a combination of Injectable Neurotoxins and fillers to give her the “projected mien” she always wanted, Miranda mentally prepared herself for her first aesthetic procedure.

Admitting that she was actually “feeling more excited than nervous”, her initial thoughts about a bloody, painful route to beauty vanished when she found the procedure completely agony-free.

“I had fillers in my cheek, chin, forehead, tear trough, under eye and nose bridge, combined with Injectable Neurotoxins to slim down my jawline and to ease my frown lines. [But] it was painless due to the numbing cream!”

Another pleasant surprise she noticed was that the results of her filler injection were immediately observed, and she didn’t need to go through weeks of being wrapped up in bandages before she could admire her new and improved self.

“The results from the fillers were instant – like unwrapping a Christmas present.”

Life After Fillers & Injectable Neurotoxins – Not Just A Boost In Confidence

Like many, Miranda experienced a boost in confidence after the treatment, but that wasn’t the only good thing she got – she also starting taking better care of herself.

“[After the treatment] I became vainer, to be honest. [But I also] started taking better care of my skin and health. I became more religious with my skincare and gym regime.”

“I guess I saw the potential on how really good I can look that encourages me to take better care of myself.”

In fact, her newfound self-loving attitude also started to rub off those around her, and even her mum was motivated to head to Dr. Ivan Puah and the Amaris B. Clinic team to fix her problem spots.

“She felt young again, and it shows from the radiance of her smile!”

Not just her family, but her close circle of friends, who knew about her treatment, were also encouraged by her positive outlook to spend more time on themselves.

“Being mothers and busy managers, we tend to place families and work first. We always put ourselves in second place, which we should never do! I have learnt that. In fact, the more time I spend with and on myself, the more productive I am at work and the more positive I have become about life.”

“I Think I Look My Best Now In My 30s”

A millennial herself, we asked if she noticed the trend of younger Singaporeans also opening up to improving their physical appearance with aesthetic procedures.

She does, and advices that more take care of themselves when they’re still young and able to.

“A lot of my colleagues dread reaching 30 [but] I think I look my best now in my 30s, and the only reason is because I started loving myself more; taking better care of myself much more.”

Given the number of cases of rogue doctors cutting corners, and botched procedures by unlicensed practitioners using unapproved products (even in Singapore!), Miranda was lucky, and smart enough to have stumbled across and put her trust into the hands of the highly-qualified Dr. Ivan Puah, who is also an official trainer to other local doctors for Allergan Singapore, in cosmetic injectables

“It is important to go to a doctor you trust. I am very glad I found a doctor that I am extremely comfortable with. [Also,] do ensure that your doctor is licensed and has a good reputation.”

As for final words of advice for those who might be looking into seeking aesthetic treatments, she emphasises the importance of not just doing it due to peer or societal pressures.

“If you’re not ready to go for any treatments, do not let anyone talk you into it. Do it for yourself, not for your partners.”

Not A Taboo Any Longer

At the end of the day, these procedures shouldn’t be any pressing need to fit to a particular mould. However, it’s definitely a viable option for those who want to boost their self-confidence.

Different people place different emphases on their physical appearances, and for those who regard it as an important aspect of how they view and treat themselves, getting a little external help like what Miranda did really wouldn’t hurt – both figuratively and literally.

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