COVID-19 Affects More Than Our Health

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It's coming close to a year since the first coronavirus outbreak was identified. Since then, life as we know it has changed - for everyone. Countries went into lockdown, economies took severe beatings and livelihoods were rattled.

COVID-19 Affects More Than Our Health

Our tiny island, long perceived as one of the safest places to do business and to live in, wasn't spared from the wrath and continuous aftermath of Covid-19 either. The ability to sustain a work/life balance is tested to its core. Working from home may be the wishful thinking of many, but unless you are well-equipped with the knowledge of dividing your hours adequately; it's no easy task. Human relationships were torn apart, which undoubtedly is the biggest casualty of the pandemic. As social creatures, this is more of a struggle than a challenge.

Mental Health - the underlying health conditions

Physical health started to deteriorate as taking an evening walk or going for a run is no longer a luxury but an activity that has to conform to certain requirements set out by measures in place. Holding to a strain of sanity and trying to keep calm presents arguably the biggest struggle for many.

Sudden void of losing your support system caused by isolation

In Singapore, on the wellbeing front, with the suspension of services in the food and beverage industry, casual meetups over food became a thing of the past, and we find ourselves isolated. Gyms and places alike were also put on hold, many had to quickly adapt to home fitness routines. This forced isolation was something that not many of us had been through before. It is essential that we keep calm and maintain a sense of balance to help us pull through. Self-care in terms of upkeeping a healthy diet and lifestyle is even more crucial now.

Your mental wellbeing is directly related to your emotional health

We are social creatures and rely on being connected to each other. It's the same for our bodily system and function as well - one relies on and is connected to the other. The imposed social distancing and work from home directives have caused a form of physical separation that did not necessarily go down well with many. Unable to cope with the isolation, stress appears, aggravated by the fact that one can't just meet up with another to seek or give support. Telecommunication is sometimes not enough in situations as such. Your temper will start to flare, and you are irritated easily.

Getting a grip on yourself is the first thing you have to do when faced with such a situation. Take deep breaths as it helps to loosen muscle tensions. Your emotional wellbeing plays a crucial role in your mental health. Engage in activities that relaxes the mind such as yoga, meditation and the like. Learning proper breathing control methods also helps.

COVID-19 Affects More Than Our Health

When working out is not working out

The closure of gyms, fitness studios and other fitness activity places have impacted a lot of people. They are unable to upkeep their usual fitness routine, and working out from home is not the same. Coupled with stress-eating and bad sleeping patterns possibly brought on by stress as well, one's physical health is undoubtedly headed for a steep decline.

Those who do work out at home often end with injuries for the reason that they didn't do it properly. They just engage in them for the sake of sweating it out. You have to be selective and careful with your fitness routine. We are built differently and although our basic needs may be the same; when it comes to what truly benefits your body is different from that which helps others.

Engage in a routine that works for your body without causing serious harm. You don't have to follow what's "in" just to be fit. Always listen to your body.

Homemade (sports) injuries

Too much exercise can also cause injuries, particularly if you are not doing it properly. Your body needs time to repair and build muscles, and this takes place when you are at rest. If you don't give your body the chance to recover, you'll only end up on the losing end with some irreparable damage.

Bodyweight exercises are good as they rely only on your own bodyweight. But don't be too over-enthusiastic and know your limit. Sports or sports-related injuries are common and are to be expected but getting them addressed appropriately is not something that should be taken lightly. A simple massage and pain-relief medicine is not always the best solution. Wanting to make full use and reap the full benefits of a workout does not entail omitting doing it the right way and getting proper recovery time.

COVID-19 Affects More Than Our Health

Pain Relief with Amaris B.’s Myotherapy

Some of the physical aches and pains include back pain. It may be a common predicament but now that we have had to (for some still having to) stay home due to Covid preventive health measures, the issue is becoming even more prevailing. Despite the advice given on how we can keep up a fitness routine at home, many may have not opted for it or worse, are doing it wrong.

Having more than just one smart device doesn't help at all as our face will be glued to either one or all of them at the same time. Text Neck is somewhat of a modern times issue given the advent of numerous smart devices. Staring at the phone, for example, for a prolonged period and at an otherwise awkward craned neck angle can cause strain on the neck and even back. Not only that, but over time the double-chin may also make an appearance.

You can take preventive measures by adopting the proper posture and even engaging in some neck and back strengthening exercises. If the pain is consistent, then seeking a qualified myotherapist help can alleviate the issue.

Thanks to a sedentary lifestyle, poor ergonomics of our home office, prolonged working hours, stress from this pandemic and many other reasons, our body will start to physically inform you that it is unwell. Our body will retaliate by giving your chronic pain signals that are developed in the musculoskeletal system. When your pain originates from that system, painkillers can only mask the pain - it cannot treat the symptom.

Myotherapy is an excellent treatment for long-lasting and effective pain relief. It is not invasive and doesn't use drugs to solve the painful problem. Myotherapy is a hands-on therapy that combines evidence-based assessment and identifying the primary source of your pain. It can treat a myriad of issues such as back pain, knee pain, stress and tension, headaches and migraines, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow and occupational injuries.

At Amaris B. Clinic and in the hands of their skilled and experienced myotherapist, pain can be a thing of the past.

Putting Your Best Face Forward

Staring at the screen is, as we already know, not good for the eyes. The harmful rays emitted by devices such as laptops, smartphones and others can cause damage that at times may be too advanced to correct.

What you may not be aware of is that poor lifestyle habits and harmful rays emission from technological devices can accelerate skin ageing such as the formation of fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentations to flower and dark eye circles to appear!  

There are solutions to these problems, you can eradicate pesky spots with Amaris B. PICO Fractional Laser, a popular non-ablative laser that effectively targets pigmentations, melasma, ageing spots. Amaris B. PICO Fractional Laser is also used in general skin rejuvenation as a form of treatment in preventive skin care such as anti-ageing. Approved by the FDA to treat skin conditions, this laser comes with a fractional handpiece  that can treat a myriad of skin issues! Although it can generate faster pulses than traditional pulse lasers, it is safe, has better efficacy while minimising  surrounding skin damage. Treatment and recovery time is significantly shorter too! It targets melasma, hyperpigmentation, sun-damaged spots, acne, acne scars, aged spots and more.

Anti Wrinkle treatment is a fantastic non-invasive injectable treatment to eliminate the appearance of crow’s feet, frown lines (from stress!) and other facial wrinkles. It is also popular for those who want to fight the signs of natural ageing or those who have developed lines from excessive sun exposure which inevitably causes damage to the skin, resulting in facial lines formation.

When combined with the EyeArt® Method by Dr. Ivan Puah, who is also the appointed trainer to conduct training for fellow doctors in injectables, saggy brows can be lifted, dark eye circles can be lightened and a fresher and younger look achieved. Since two-third of our face is now masked up, it is of even more importance to look bright-eyed and rejuvenated by getting the panda-eyes sorted.

If you feel that stress is showing its signs on your face, you would notice that besides the hollowed eye appearance, your cheeks may also be sunken in. Did you know that we lose up to 35 percent of mid-face volume due to stress, trauma or yo-yo dieting? When this happens, you can clearly see that volume loss has led to sagging of skin and hollowness, giving the impression that one looks gaunt and suffering from extreme fatigue.

ADR-C Facial Enhancement is a popular minimally invasive facial fat grafting procedure, not only for the middle-aged group who wish to slow down the aging process but also for the 20’s - 30’s who experienced facial fat loss due to dieting. Performed by Dr. Ivan Puah who had more than 15 years of clinical experience in facial and body fat grafting procedures, ADR-C Facial Enhancement  is customised to your facial anatomy and concerns. This treatment can effectively increase facial volume, improve facial contour  while achieving a refreshed and glowy complexion.  

Bothered by fat gain?

COVID-19 Affects More Than Our Health

It is common to find comfort in food during stressful periods of one's life, but it can lead to habitual overeating. Additionally, the comfort food may just be so in name and not in nutrition value, and can cause excess weight gain and fat accumulation.

By the time we realise it's hitting our waist (among others), chances are we are in panic mode and start on crash diets thinking they would help. On the contrary, you could end up worse. Bingo wings, muffin top or saddlebags are some of the common fat concerns that women experience. You should consult qualified help to address the issue for effective and safer results.

VASER (Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance) Lipo, the signature body contouring treatment of Amaris B. Clinic is an improved form of ultrasonic assisted liposuction.  Utilising the superior technology of ultrasonic sound wave energy to liquefy stubborn and tough body fat tissues that refuse to budge, VASER Lipo can effectively remove more than 90 percent of localised fat as compared to non-surgical fat reduction methods.  

Dr. Ivan Puah has more than 15 years of clinical experience in VASER Lipo and is one of the first doctors to introduce this novel fat removal technique to Singapore in 2008. Through his years of liposuction  experience, he has developed a unique body sculpting approach, called MDC-Sculpt® Lipo technique that allows him to do a thorough fat removal, followed by meticulous sculpting for patients. This approach reduces surgical scarring to the bare minimum resulting in a more desirable cosmetic outcome. Dr Ivan Puah earned his fundamental and advanced VASER Body Sculpting training in Colorado and Argentina and is accredited by MOH to perform liposuction in Singapore.

It has been a while since the first reports of the coronavirus and its following outbreak, but we are still coping with its aftermath and ongoing uncertainties. Being human, we are very much emotional creatures who sometimes let our emotions get the better of us.

The disruption caused by COVID-19 has caused some, if not most, of us to go into a downward spiral as we lose grip on trying to remain calm and focused. It shouldn't be that way. We may not know how long this pandemic will go on for or how more damaging it can be, but we must understand that we can still take control of certain aspects of our lives.

Take this time to re-evaluate yourself. Eliminate bad habits and start cultivating more good ones. It will not only do you good, but the newfound positivity and strength will rub off on your family members and loved ones, and potentially everyone you meet. Take good care of yourself because a healthy mind and body go a long way into coming up triumphant over adversity.